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Renewable DIY is your source for ‘Do It Yourself’ tools and tips on a range of renewable energy projects.   We offer ebooks, videos and project kits in our Online Store on topics such as building your own solar panel to helping you start your own backyard aquaponics garden.

What’s New

We are in the initial design phase of our new Aquaponic/Hydroponic Control Box. We would like to provide a product that is both versatile and easy to use, so we need your input on this one. To weigh in on what features you would like to see in a controller, follow this link. This controller is designed to handle things like flood/drain cycles, PH monitoring, automatic feeding and so on. Less time taking care of the tedious things means more time to enjoy the harvest.

Check out the short video below for a preview of what to expect of one of our ebook products.  You can buy the kit featured in the video through our online store.

Through our online Library we aim to provide helpful information on a variety of renewable energy topics at no cost to you.  Check back often for updates to our Library.  Finally, in our Forums we aim to create a community of renewable energy novices and experts that we all can learn from and share our knowledge with.

Looking for innovative, easy and fun to build renewable energy projects for your home or business?  Looking to learn more about common renewable energy type projects?  Want to share your knowledge about renewable energy and get a conversation started?  Join us here at Renewable DIY.  We welcome your feedback!

Keep checking in to learn about new projects as they become available.